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Jusoor for Training is an institution for training, works according to deliberate methodology and based on the clear need on the ground previously ,and works to build the capacities for individuals and institutions through a group of developmental programs and training workshops which are under supervision of professional specialists ,and through other tools which contribute to raise the capacity of the society and to give the decision makers the suitable tools for the stage in order to build personnel able to make positive changes in their fields.


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Training agenda

group of accredited training programs under supervision of professional trainers on Arab and regional level.

Modern management

This program aims to provide the participants by concepts and knowledges related to the modern manag...

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Protection of Human Rights in the media

This program aims to know: How can we regard the human rights in media? How can protect human righ...

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Documenting and monitoring Human Rights violations

This program aims to know how to monitor the violations, mechanism of interviews with the victims, i...

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An introduction to the woman rights

Definition of woman rights, special agreements in this field, how to deal with the woman rights viol...

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International law and Human Rights Law

Define the concepts and terms needed by interested people, and the most important related internatio...

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Anti- corruption

This program aims to enable participants to basic concepts in training for integrity. Targeted ca...

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Sork Areas

The training centers that follow Jusoor for Studies or with corporation with the partners’ institutions inside Syria, Turkey or other countries which host the Syrian refugees’ gatherings or Syrian residents.


some programs have been coordinated in prior period by our special team.

Microenterprise Prospects and their Funding Mechanism with Interes-fee Loan

Jusoor for Training Center along with Share Foundation for Relief and Development conducted a workshop under the name &q...

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Opening Jusoor for Studies and Training Center in Idlib city

On 1st August 2017, Jusoor for Studies and Training Center has opened a new branch in Idlib city north Syria. Within the...

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Women's Role in Developing the Society

Jusoor for Training conducted a training program under the name  "Women's Role in Developing the Society&q...

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Leadership is your way to pioneering

Jusoor center has conducted a training under the name "Leadership is your way to pioneering" with Afak Academy...

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decision making and meetings management

With the help of Allah, we have accomplished a training workshop in Eastern Ghouta under the title "decision making...

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good governance and anti-corruption

Jusoor for Training has organised a training workshop on "good governance and anti-corruption" in coordination...

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