Women's Role in Developing the Society

Jusoor for Training conducted a training program under the name  "Women's Role in Developing the Society"  On 12th of July in Daraa with the attendance of many women for enhancing the role of women in various areas in order to support, activate and develop their experiences.
The program included many points, most notable: 
Women's role in leading and developing the society - women's successful administrative elements - women's role in leading institutions in addition to the voluntary work. 
Training was conducted by "Mohamad Al Jahmani", stressing on the significance of women's role in leading the societal change, moreover, the trainer used an interactive method to facilitate conveying any idea and ensure participation of all attendees in different topics. 

At the end of the training, women's leading role was highlighted with the necessity of supporting their activities within the local councils and civil society organizations along with including the women's efforts in raising the level of social development in Daraa Governorate.