Leadership is your way to pioneering

Jusoor center has conducted a training under the name "Leadership is your way to pioneering" with Afak Academy and trainer Rafee Al Shar'a, in Idlib, Syria, on 7-8/6/2017. 
Head and members of city council and several managers of CSOs attended the training, which included: introducing the trainee to the significance of leadership, its role in the change process and making the trainee identify the tasks of the manager (as a leader) to do the delegation, moreover, giving awareness of the evaluation concept and its importance in making the institution successful, identifying the unacceptable behaviors, assessing tasks and agendas in a leadership prospect. 
Idlib Council focused on this training because it was the first elected body in the governorate with wide public support, supervising governmental institutions and departments early this month. Council members have now a belief that, leadership skills are vital for institution success.