Preparation of public relations official

it is an application program includes basic axes of workers in public relations in order to qualify them to fill job positions in institutions and to improve their skills and theoretical experience to enhance it by practice and practical application to understand their role.
So, the applicants for a position in the public relations departments and media will have a big chance of acceptance and he/she will be effective when assigned in this position because he will be aware of his functional roles and the needs of work from the beginning.
objectives of the program:

understanding the public relations skills such as, personal, administrative, technical, artistic and the ways to develop skills.

definition of strategic and mechanism to build a good mental picture for the instauration.
training on producing media contents.
identifying the basics of management, the various media events
engaging a real practical experience through an information media campaign like the reality.
building the personal confidence to fill a functional position in the public relations domain.
skills gained from the program:
drafting the media message for various media.
basics of producing promotional media 

planning and implementation of media campaigns

managing various media events.

Note: This program can be applied in the form of full professional diploma within 21 days at a rate of 5 hours daily training.