Social Media Management

social media platforms are considered effective social media to communicate with the masses and influence them such as Facebook, tweeter and YouTube, and the companies, government and individuals realized this and start seeking for understanding and investing those permanent growth and ideal development media which compete the traditional media.
social media management is the directly responsible for managing the social media platforms for instaurations and individuals effectively, producing the suitable content , managing the plan of content publicizing, measuring the effect of publication , the effectiveness of performance, and working to develop.
our program focuses on what mentioned above through details and applied details the following points:

- traditional media and new media
- the new media environment and the development of the public relations work
- social media

- smart phones
- content

targeted categories by this program are:
- workers in the public relations departments on the organizations, commissions and private companies.
- workers on social networks in the institutions and organizations.

- media workers in the media institutions
- workers on the media offices for commissions and organizations
- individuals who seeking for effective mass communications.

Note: this course can be online at a cost of $ 30 for a trainee.