The areas of training

1- The administrative training:
this field aims at:
- achieving the administrative quality and human resources development in the better ways.
- raising the cultural and scientific efficiency
- the capacity of planning, strategic thinking and making decisions.
- dealing with the changes and keeping up with the evolution
- planning to repair the past, improve the present and predict the future
2- The political training:
this field aims at:
- training to active participation in the political process.
- recognition the political rights and duties.
- enabling the skills and tools of the political activity.
3- The media training:
this field aims at:
-  to participate in development of media for individuals and institution.
- to present the professional training programs according to the latest scientific and technical standards.
4- The personal skills:
this field aims at:
- building the equivalent personal skill is an important part of the individual participation to success of any organization.
- to recruit decision makers’ skills
- to recruit solving problems skills.
- to support the leadership skills
in addition to building many of skills that may achieve the quality of performance.
5- Leadership Training: 
This field aims at:
- Empowerment and increase efficiency for the leadership to achieve the desired objectives.
- Capacity building for youth people to take active role in the future.